Phishing awareness training that identifies threats detected by employees efficiently and establishes a cycle for quick response


Cofense is a solution that takes traditional email training one step further in order to improve "security awareness" and also builds a human firewall against phishing attacks.

By utilizing Cofense solutions, employees are able to detect and report threats. IT and information security departments can respond quickly, establishing a series of cycles for training, reporting, and responding.

Optional Onboarding Support Professional Service

NRISecure provides operational design and onboarding assistance for customers who purchase Cofense PhishMe annual subscriptions through NRISecure. Customers can start utilizing the service with little effort.

This option includes:

  • Kick-off Meeting
  • Basic Operation Training
  • Operation Design Support
  • Q&A



Training for Assuming Various Attack Methods

Plenty of email templates and educational content is available to give employees experience with a variety of attack techniques. They can be customized to suit your training scheme and objectives.


At-a-glance Dashboard Showing Real-time Training Progress

Cofense PhishMe admin console displays the recipient's actions such as who, when, and what they did. The campaign status of email training is displayed real-time in a graph or table that is easy to understand.


Secure Distribution Platform

SaaS platform is installed in the facility which is Tier III SOC2/ SOC3 certified (US) and ISO 9001: 2008 certified (EU).