Access Check

The Solution to Inefficient ID Access and Passwords

SecureCube Access Check provides central management of individual IDs and access logs through establishment of checkpoint gateways. It allows for "preventative control" of personal access and "detective control" to ensure robust and efficient auditing.

privileged ID access and passwords

How to end the headache of inefficient privileged ID access and passwords

Establishing and managing individual IDs for each server is an unpleasant burden for corporate management. Because programs and applications require privileged IDs, passwords are difficult to change and must be shared. It's hard to identify individuals who used those IDs. There's your security threat. In addition, it's extremely difficult to check the each server's access log for the audit. Access Check is the remedy.

Improving security and efficiency

Improving security and efficiency while maintaining shared privileged ID and passwords

Gateway access allows for central management of individual IDs and access logs, making it possible to enhance security without changing your typical shared privileged ID operation. SecureCube Access Check creates a checkpoint to identify your employees and assess their privileges as they enter the server gateway. Central management of requests, approvals and access logs reduces the burden of matching audits and improves overall efficiency.

Controlling access and logs

Controlling access and logs is the key to internal security

SecureCube Access Check works by combining the two sides of control: 1) Preventative Control, which controls access to server, and 2) Detective Control, which is log management and serves to make audits more efficient.

Remote Relay

How the Access Check remote desktop relay connection works

SecureCube Access Check works as a gateway for a wide range protocols, such as SSH, ftp, http(s), and even RDP. After log into Access Check, users login to the target server. Access Check records all users' input including typing and mouse operation. Access Check also tracks user operation by keeping log of recorded access.

centralized access control

Total, centralized access control, including access alerts

SecureCube Access Check restricts user access through existing policies including user ID, network segment, protocols and more. In addition to these access controls, Access Check sends notification email to qualified personnel when user access start or end.

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