SOC-as-a-service providing cloud based SIEM infrastructure and 24x7 monitoring and management by some of the most highly qualified Cybersecurity experts in the world. 


Uncover your true attack surface and gain complete visibility into your actual website footprint including a real-time vulnerability analysis.

Centralized management of individual IDs and access logs to provide "preventative control” of personal access and “detective control” through efficient auditing.



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Information Security Report 2015

This 50-page report is the 14th edition of a series that we began in 2002 and was conducted by surveying security leaders at over 3000 companies.  



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Cybersecurity Trend Annual Review 2015

Unique insights that have been gained though the delivery of our Managed Security Services and strategic Cybersecurity Consulting for some of the most perstigious and high-targeted organizations globablly. 



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