CrowdStrike Falcon ® x Managed EDR Service
24 x 7 Security Monitoring Solution Optimal for Zero-Trust Era with Active Containment of Security Risks

Not just a monitoring managed security service (MSS), but our next-generation service provides real-time log analysis with comprehensive resources such as terminal isolation, detailed investigations in the event of an incident, and easy-to-understand reports.

Common Challenges (Sounds familiar?)

Infected with a virus without noticing it and can’t figure out how it happened or the scale of damage

Uncertain about security of terminals used outside of the organization

Burden of monitoring and responding to incidents overwhelms the IT staff due to lack of human resources

Increasing demand for security management and compliance requirements with regulations and guidelines


Our managed service offers terminal monitoring specialized in making full use of advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions

With us operating advanced EDR on behalf of customers, actively visualizing, preventing cyberattacks, promptly responding to and investigating incidents, the ability of organizations to eliminate the risks of cyberattacks is greatly enhanced.

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Why Choose Us?


Zero Major Incidents

  • Early detection with manual/automatic quarantine significantly reduce risk duration
  • Actively discover and deal with hidden threats through constant threat hunting
  • Zero serious incidents for customers who have introduced the service since its release in January 2018


Advanced Analysis and Interpretability

  • Advice and incident handling based, not only on the explanation of a single event, but also on investigation of related events
  • Clear explanation on the events utilizing Fast Forensics® even in the event of an emergency


75% Cut on Response Time

  • Elimination of false positives enables focus on elevated events
  • Single agent installs
  • Operational support available
  • Less onboarding and operational load compared to other solutions


Full Regulatory Compliance

  • Thorough compliance system provided by the NRI Group
  • GDPR compliant
  • Compatible with various standards and cloud environment use is covered

What Can Be Achieved with our Managed EDR Service?


Clarify what to do upon an alert detection

It is common to struggle how to:

  • Distinguish what is a false positive or an actual event
  • Deeply understand the incident
  • Determine if a virus infection actually occurred or not
  • Determine if additional investigation is required

EDR helps with decision making in these situations as the service constantly records behavior of the endpoint. In addition, SOC analysts will analyze the alerts, accurately grasp the events that have transpired, and notify the customer only for those that need to be followed up with.


Significantly reduce incident response costs

Are you tired of operations such as calling the device owner to check the situation when an abnormality is detected, or going out to disconnect the LAN cable? Our service implements automatic and manual quarantine operations from a remote location according to risk, which reduces the burden of dealing with the incident while minimizing the impact of it.


Prevent oversight of incidents relying on product alerts

NRI Secure conducts active threat hunting in addition to alert analysis output by product, creating rules centered on commands abused by attackers, and malware detection to identify threats. By basing the implementation frequency on a business day basis, the period during which threats are hidden can be minimized.


Deliver comprehensive explanations

When handling incidents, it takes time and effort to compile an incident summary, scope of impact, and investigation result in order to report to stakeholders. With the Fast Forensics® option, NRI Secure will conduct a detailed investigation of the event and summarize a report to help you be accountable both internally and externally.


Manage security devices and correlate analysis with advanced monitoring for ease of operation

Correlation monitoring operations integrated with EDR and logs of other security appliances is also possible. By aggregating and correlating logs of multiple devices at once, more detailed analysis is possible and the operational load on the customer is reduced. Our service can monitor the logs of more than 400 devices.

Advantages of CrowdStrike Falcon®



Features Advantage
Cloud native No need for an on-premise infrastructure and easy to operate in an environment where devices are distributed both inside and outside the organization
Lightweight and stable agent Agent runs unnoticeably in the background on the device and the installation is straightforward
EDR performance Detailed information is uploaded in kernel mode in real time
Threat intelligence High-precision analysis and detection are based on threat intelligence obtained from huge amounts of data upwards of 1 trillion pieces a week
Comprehensiveness Compatible with not only Windows but also Linux, MacOS, iOS, and Android. Agent is deployable on servers
Scalability Equipped with EDR, asset management, and vulnerability management for all-in-one endpoint security
Collaboration Upgradable by linking with other kind of products (Zscaler, Netskope, Exabeam, Interset, etc.)
Compliance Compliant with regulations such as GDPR and PCI DSS, and is SOC2 certified

Feedback from Customers

Industry Feedback
Financial False positives have been reduced and the operation has become much easier.
Financial Besides alerts, the prompt and detailed support is helpful and appreciated.
Gaming Unannounced attack by another company’s red team was contained perfectly. It’s wonderful.
Manufacturing We tried three solutions and CrowdStrike had almost no troubled during the implementation.
Financial Total support from discussing requirements, basic design and operation design helped.