SOC Analyst as a Service
SIEM Co-Management
with Our Security Specialist Team

You may have a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) implemented, but is your team struggling to understand what really caused the alert? Are you unsure if the management and operation of your SIEM is appropriate and efficient? Are you struggling to secure human resources for 24x7 monitoring? We are here to help with knowledge cultivated through years of experience and stable, sustainable service delivery.


Our SIEM Monitoring Service Detects Important Incidents Early Using Your SIEM Alerts

NRI Secure SOC analysts monitor and analyze customer SIEM alerts for early detection of possible security incidents to enhance the speed and accuracy of SIEM operations.

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What is SIEM Monitoring Service?

The NRI Secure analyst team provides co-management services for customer operated SIEMs to detect security incidents with real-time correlation analysis.



24x7 Analysis and Triage against Cyber Attacks

SOC analysts analyze and triage alerts detected by the customer’s SIEM and report high-risk alerts in real time.


Customized Monitoring Rules Available and Ready for Various Systems and Solutions

NRI Secure provides monitoring rules for various systems, devices, and solutions whose logs are collected in the customer’s SIEM, such as WAF, EDR, and/or FW. These rules are cultivated and streamlined based on the experience and knowledge we have cultivated through many years of security monitoring services.


Detection Rules Flexibly Tailored to Customer Environments

Security analysts monitor and analyze possible security events 24/7 to quickly detect security incidents and take necessary action.


Implementation and Operation Support of SIEM

NRI Secure implements and operates the customer owned SIEM on their behalf. The customer can implement advanced security measures while significantly reducing operational effort and the cost of securing security personnel.



Affluent Log Analysis Experience

NRI Secure provides security log monitoring with many years of experience in security services.


Monitoring by Highly Skilled Security Specialists

A team of security analysts with advanced security qualifications, such as SANS GIAC, etc., analyze alerts in real time. Identifying false positives and prioritizing high severity alerts our expert team guarantees actionable recommendation in a timely manner.


Comprehensive Support to Improve Security Levels

In depth security requires a variety of constantly changing measures, and log analysis alone is not enough. NRI Secure offers a multitude of services, including support for security device/solution implementation, vulnerability management, incident response, and more, within its comprehensive support package.