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NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd Selected by Top Independent Analyst Firm for New Report Covering 2017 Global MSSP Landscape


    "NRI SecureTechnologies gains a foothold in North America after success in Japan." - Forrester Research, Inc "Vendor Landscape: Global Managed Security Services, 2017

    Irvine, CA, U.S.A., April 24, 2017 - NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd (NRI Secure) a leading provider of advanced managed security services has been selected for the new report by Forrester Research, Inc "Vendor Landscape: Global Managed Security Services, 2017" The new report covers the vendor landscape for the global MSSP market and offers recommendations and best practices for both managed security services and vendor selection.  


    According to the Forrester Report, "Advanced capabilities require more specialized skills to deliver value to clients. These skills include newer, innovative services that MSSPs offer or legacy services that still require specialized skills to create value for clients." The report goes on to cite that,

    NRI SecureTechnologies blends practitioner expertise into both its consulting and managed security services, creating a customized solution for clients regardless of maturity level.

    "I think that Forrester is doing some of the best research and analysis work in cybersecurity right now and so it is a honor to be recognized by them." said Zachary Scott, VP of Business Development at NRI Secure. "There is a lot of vendor fatigue towards some of the legacy MSSP players in the U.S. market right now and that has many clients looking to explore alternatives. This report will be a very valuable resource for any organization trying to get a better sense of the overall global managed security services landscape."  


    NRI SecureTechnologies is proud to offer this report as a complimentary download in order to assist organization navigate the rapidly growing managed security services space. To learn more simply click the "download report" button below.



    About NRI Secure

    NRI SecureTechnologies is a subsidiary of Nomura Research Institute (NRI) specializing in Cybersecurity, and a leading global provider of next-generation managed security services and security consulting. Established in 2000, NRI SecureTechnologies is focused on delivering high-value security outcomes for our clients with the precision and efficiency that define Japanese quality.



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