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NDIAS members speak at Car Hacking Village, held in one of the world's largest security conferences "DEF CON 28”


    On August 7, 2020 (PDT), four employees of NDIAS, Ltd. will give a presentation at the virtual Car Hacking Village talk session, which will be held in the world's largest security conference, DEF CON 28.

    In the talk session titled "Realistic Trends in Vulnerability based on Hacking into Vehicle", the security assessment method of vehicles and ECU (Electronic Control Unit) will be explained. Also, they will introduce the trends and mitigation of more than 300 vulnerabilities that they have identified in previous security assessments.

    • Session Details
      Date and Time : Friday, August 7 at 2 PM (PDT) *Saturday, August 8, 2020, 6 AM (JST)
      Location : Online at
      Speakers : Ryosuke Uematsu, Shogo Nakao, Ryoichi Teramura & Tatsuya Katsuhara
      Session Title : "Realistic Trends in Vulnerability based on Hacking into Vehicle"
      Organizer : Car Hacking Village, DEF CON 28
      Participation Fees : Free


    About NDIAS, Ltd.

    NDIAS, Ltd. is a joint venture founded December 3, 2018 and financed by Denso and NRI Secure. The primary business activities involve security diagnostics on in-vehicle electronics.



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