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NRI Secure Included Among “Managed Security Service Providers in Asia Pacific Region” in a new Independent Research Report


    Tokyo, Nov. 30, 2020 - NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd. (NRI Secure), a leading global cybersecurity company, has been recognized among managed security service providers in Asia Pacific region in a research report[i] published by Forrester Research, Inc.[ii] (Forrester), a major American IT research company.

    In its report, Forrester selected 35 companies in Asia Pacific region as research targets and categorized them according to the size of their annual revenue they derive from managed security services in Asia Pacific[iii]. As a result, NRI Secure was categorized as a vendor in the “large” group in the region.


    For more information on the NRI Secure’s MSS, please visit the web page below;

    - Security Monitoring, SOC Services, and Security Device Management (FNC Service)



    Going forward, NRI Secure will continue to provide a variety of services and products that assist companies and organizations with their data security measures, contributing to the creation of safe and secure data system environments and societies at a global scale.



    About NRI SecureTechnologies

    NRI SecureTechnologies is a subsidiary of Nomura Research Institute (NRI) specializing in cybersecurity, and a leading global provider of next-generation managed security services and security consulting. Established in 2000, NRI Secure is focused on delivering high-value security outcomes for our clients with the precision and efficiency that define Japanese quality. For more details, visit us at



    [i] Research Report published by Forrester Research:

    Forrester Research "Now Tech: Managed Security Services In Asia Pacific, Q4 2020 - Forrester’s Overview Of 35 Managed Security Service Providers by Jinan Budge, October 8, 2020 "

    [ii] Forrester Research:
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    [iii] Categorization into three groups:
    Companies were categorized into three groups on the basis of their annual sales in managed security services limited to the Asia-Pacific region: large ($110 million or more), mid-sized ($26 million to $110 million), and small (under $26 million).



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