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NRI Secure's Shun Yoshie Recognized as the first AWS Security Hero


    Tokyo - August 8, 2023 - NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd. (NRI Secure), a leading global provider of cybersecurity services, announced that security consultant Shun Yoshie has been officially recognized by Amazon Web Services as one of the first AWS Security Heroes.


    AWS Security Hero is one of AWS's certification programs for individuals in the field of security, newly created on August 1, 2023, and recognizes individuals with extensive knowledge of AWS and advanced security skills who have contributed to improving the safety of system development using AWS.


    The six individuals, including Yoshie, have been certified for the first time in the world. He was recognized for his efforts to improve the level of security in the cloud network by managing the AWS community in the security field.

    For more information on the newly certified individuals, including Yoshie, please visit



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    NRI SecureTechnologies is a subsidiary of Nomura Research Institute (NRI) specializing in cybersecurity, and a leading global provider of next-generation managed security services and security consulting. Established in 2000, NRI Secure is focused on delivering high-value security outcomes for our clients with the precision and efficiency that define Japanese quality. For more details, please visit



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