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NRI Secure Joins "FIDO Alliance"


    TOKYO, February 20, 2020 - NRI Secure Technologies, Ltd. (NRI Secure) announced that it has joined the "FIDO Alliance," an international industry association that develops and promotes technical standards for passwordless authentication, as a sponsor member. 


    In recent years, the use of "Biometric Authentication" to identify individuals from their faces, fingerprints, etc. has been spreading without using passwords. In March 2019, the W3C (Worldwide Web Consortium) has published "WebAuthn" based on FIDO2 specifications as a W3C Recommendation. FIDO has been widely adopted by major Web browsers. 


    NRI Secure is one of the first companies that adopted a passwordless authentication based on FIDO. In July 2019, NRI Secure's consumer IAM Solution "Uni-ID Libra" was certified as the world's 5th "FIDO Universal Server." * 1 NRI Secure will further contribute to the spread of convenient and secure passwordless authentication through its participation in the "FIDO Alliance."



    *1 Uni-ID Libra" was certified as the world's 5th "FIDO Universal Server:

    For more information, please see the following news on July 4, 2019. "NRI Secure obtains "FIDO Universal Server" certification that meets all FIDO authentication standards."(



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